If you love writing and all things digital as well as the desire to work in a creative field, a career as a Digital Content Executive might be the role for you. Here’s my insider knowledge on this career path as well as what it’s like to work in a startup.

How did I got here?

I graduated from The University of Birmingham in 2017 with a BA in English Language with a Year Abroad. As well as my studies and my year in Barcelona, during my time at University I took advantage of the amazing extracurricular activities Birmingham had to offer. I had my own show on BurnFM, I wrote for Redbrick, I played Lacrosse, I was the Rag Raid Coordinator for Carnival Rag and Vice President for the English Language Society. It’s safe to say I did a lot. First and foremost, I enjoyed doing all these extra activities, but they also helped with my personal development, I gained a lot of skills such as team work, management skills, writing skills and time management, all of which are invaluable when going through the interview process.

During my time at University I also managed to fit in some work experience at a PR firm, which I got through the careers service. I always thought I wanted to work in PR so after I graduated I started applying for a job in that field. I worked at a PR company in Southwark for 6 months, and although it taught me a lot and I gained some great skills – I knew that I wanted something a little different. And that’s when I started looking for more creative digital content roles and soon enough I was offered for the role at HeadBox.

About Headbox

I am a Digital Content Executive working at HeadBox which is the UK’s only SAAS enabled marketplace for creative meeting, off-site and event Spaces. SAAS stands for Service As A Software, so that’s why we are a technology start up, everything we do is powered by our online software, it allows people to search, book and pay for spaces all via the HeadBox platform. The website started in London but then set it sights on other cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol and our very own Birmingham. HeadBox is disrupting the events industry with the only platform where you can search, book and pay all online and in one place.  It’s kind of like Air BnB but for events Spaces. 3 years on, HeadBox now have a huge bank of key corporate clients who use HeadBox to find venues across their yearly Events Programme.

What is a Digital Content Executive?

My role, as a Digital Content Executive, means I am responsible for creating all the content across the website, social and external platforms which will help acquire new customers in to the business as well as nurturing relationships we already have. I write various content across the board which includes, blog posts for the HeadBox blog as well as blog posts on other external sites in the event industry. I create and manage all the social media plans for the HeadBox channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and I also create weekly email newsletters which go out to different audiences for our email marketing strategy. I am also responsible for actioning our SEO strategy and organic traffic figures. The role is full of challenges and working for a startup also means I need to learn on the job, which I love as it means I’m constantly learning new things and using my own initiative.

Startup Environment

Working in a startup is kind of a millennial buzzword, and now I’m working in the heart of one I realise why. HeadBox is such an exciting place to work. There is an emphasis on individual development and because it is a relatively small team you can really make a difference and your work really matters. Completely different to my previous role, the emphasis on autonomy is great as you have the power to make a real difference and you can see the actual results of your work for the company as a whole.

As HeadBox are still in their relatively early years as a company everyone here is constantly learning, and getting to work in an environment where you are encouraged to evolve and develop as an individual is great and definitely a reason why graduates should consider working for a startup. We have had amazing success so far and we are only getting bigger, being at the forefront of an industry and completely changing it up is one of the best things about working in a startup environment. I would recommend for all graduates to get involved in a startup if they can, as you really can learn so much more than in bigger companies which is not only great for your CV, but your future career prospects too.

If you like what you have read above and want to know where to find vacancies in a start-up visit our website.