Ever wondered who’s behind those posts about internships, events and the occasional careers-related buzzfeed quiz? Well, that would be me! My name’s Ellie and I’m a final year English Literature student. Hello! I’ve been working as a Social Media assistant for the College of Arts and Law branch of Careers Network since September. 

The main part of my role is updating our social media pages (I assume you’re all following us on Twitter, @CALcareers and on Facebook) with lots of opportunities and relevant content for students like you. I’ve also helped out at the careers fairs as well as CAL events, so I may well have swiped your student card at some point!

Since working as part of Careers Network I’ve learnt about just how much they offer to students. Prior to working for Careers Network I was one of those people who appeared up in Arts 360 (where the careers team is based) once in first year, took home some flyers and never thought about it ever again. Don’t be me! The main things I’ve learnt in my role, and from my own experience at uni (apart from where to find the best career-related quizzes) is this:

  • Find work experience! It’ll genuinely be really helpful in not just finding a job, but helping decide what kind of job you want to do.
  • Check the CAL Careers Network Facebook page and Twitter, and I’m not just saying that because of my own bias. There’s lots of great internships, jobs, and work experience opportunities on there. They do all the legwork for you, all you have to do is click the links for more info.
  • Have someone check your CV and cover letter (something which you can get done either in a careers appointment, online or in one of the lunchtime drop-in sessions). I had no idea what my cover letter was meant to look like, or what was meant to be on it, so I went to see an adviser and realised I was doing pretty much everything wrong. It all made sense why none of the internships I applied to last summer ever got back to me.
  • Do all this sooner rather than later. Trust me, it’s no fun trying to apply for internships AND writing a dissertation but if you don’t have the time….
  • Careers Network offer support to students up to two years after they graduate, so you can still ask questions about applications and CVs, even if you’re no longer at UoB. Email Careers Network now..

As well as this, thanks to my job here at Careers Network I’m now also working as a Marketing Intern at the Lichfield Arts Festival, which is one step closer to my goal of working in Arts Marketing once I graduate from my MA next year. I found the internship on the CAL Facebook page, if you need anymore proof of how handy it is, and did I mention the quizzes….!